Here at Sunscape Electrical, we like being a small business.  We like working from home, we like being our own bosses, we like not having too many overheads to stress about, we like going on holidays whenever we want.  We don't want to be a big business.

But a lot of times when we are dealing with potential clients, they express to us that they might feel more comfortable going with a large solar company, like those who are advertising bargain deals on National TV.  They feel that they might get a better deal, or that the large company may be more reliable.

We can assure you this is a false sense of security.

We have been with the solar industry in Australia for eight years, right at the beginning of its popularity.   Over that time, we have seen many large solar company's go into liquidation.  It would seem that they build themselves up too quickly during boom time (when government incentives are strong), using any old installer to get their systems in quick while the going is good, and then when the boom passes, they are left with too many overheads and a lot of warranty claims.

Most unfortunate of all, these liquidated companies often pop up again somewhere else under a new name, and continue the cycle on.

In the meantime, we have kept our business running responsibly, rode out the highs and lows of the industry, and continued to steadily build our reputation on solid one-on-one customer service, and high quality installations.

When people worry about which company will still be there years down the track if they need to make a warranty claim, we tell them you can count on us.