With eight years experience using a wide range of products, we have narrowed down the products we offer based on efficiency, reliability and value for money.

The panels we mainly use are by Longi Solar.  For inverters, we mainly favour the Austrian built Fronius brand, as these offer superior quality and also the advantage of a 10 year warranty period (which doubles the standard five year warranty offered by all other companies).  If we are looking for a quality micro-inverter, we use Enphase.

Because inverter's and panel's both vary significantly in their sizes and application uses, we recommend different brands depending on the requirements of each individual job and each client's budget.

Most importantly, all our products have stood the test of time and we stand behind them all.  We do not believe in cutting costs and using cheaper products which are available on the market to make our prices more competitive.  Our clients can be sure they have invested in reputable brands with reliable equipment, which provide the best value for money and efficiency.



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Longi are a genuine Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer.  They have been in business since 2000 and are the largest manufacturer of mono crystalline silicone in the world. In our experience, their product is incredibly reliable and efficient. 

Longi actually supply  many of the other large Tier 1 solar companies with their mono crystalline silicone.  Longi solar panels have the PERC technology which is slightly more efficient than the normal mono panels (to read more about why PERC panels are better, read here).  Also, being a black framed mono crystalline panel means that they look sensational when installed on your roof!  

One of the great features of the Longi panel is their warranty.  Their performance guarantee states that the panel will produce 83.8% or more of their rated output within 25 years as of the Warranty Effective Date. Most major panel manufacturers guarantee 80.7% after 25 years, meaning that with Longi solar panels you get an added long term assurance that you investment will go the journey.     

To download a specification sheet on the panels we use, click here.

To find out more about the Longi Solar company, click here.






Out of all the inverters available on the market, we favour those built in Austria by Fronius, a well-known European company who have a solid reputation for high quality and reliability.

While having their origins in welding equipment, Fronius have been heavily involved in the solar industry – both in research and in development – since 1992. Their aim is to revolutionise the energy supply of the planet to achieve energy self-sufficiency. With a focus on quality, Fronius are a company striving for excellence and revolution.   They set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by including a 10 year warranty on their inverter's as standard, which is double that of other companies. 

To find out more about Fronius Australia, click here.

To download a brochure for the Fronius Primo inverters, click here.


GoodWe is a Chinese inverter manufacturer established in 2010. They are a company focused on building their brand, and are doing that by providing high quality inverters at an affordable price, and with good customer service. Throughout the course of its operations, the company has won numerous awards, and continues to grow in popularity.

We have been installing these inverters as a less expensive option for our customers, and in the three years that we have been using them, we have had very few issues. Any minor issues that we have encountered, their service and support team which is based locally in Melbourne have sorted out at amazing speed, with instant help for online issues and next day delivery for replacement units. Their technical support outdoes any other solar equipment provider we have dealt with.

Their ES inverters are also compatible with the LG Chem Resu batteries, making them a good choice for an affordable hybrid battery system.

We have confidence in Goodwe for providing reliable and trustworthy machines that offer better affordability.

To find out more about the Goodwe company, click here.

To download a brochure for the inverters we install, click here.



Solar panels may be at the top of the system, but it's the inverter that does all the real work. And when you’re roof situation is not ideal, due to orientation or shading issues, it may be wiser to use micro-inverter’s. Microinverters operate independently, so each panel performs to its fullest across the day, and isn’t reliant on the rest of the panels as in the case of a string inverter. One shaded or dirty panel won't affect the rest of the system.

When we feel that the added expense of micro-inverter’s is justified, we use only the best, Enphase Energy. They offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

Enphase microinverter’s also come with a ten year warranty, which is always a good thing.

To find out more about Enphase Energy, click here.

To download a brochure of the microinverters we use, click here.




We install the LG Chem Resu batteries to our clients who request hybrid solar power.  This option meets all our requirements for battery storage:

  • it provides black-out back up, to make sure the home always has power, even when the grid is out. This is increasingly important as grid instability during peak usage becomes more common.

  • It is a small, neat, compact unit but has high output.

  • It is easy for customers to use and understand.

  • LG is an Australia-wide provider with good customer support and the kind of longevity we require. We want to know that the company will be around long in to the future to cover any issues.

To read more about LG Chem batteries, click here.

To see the LG Chem Resu battery datasheet, click here.



To get a quote on a solar system using these high quality products, please get in touch!